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Download Apk Editor Pro 1.9.10 Apk Full Version | Latest | Updated | Patch

Apk Editor Pro is a great app. This app helps you to edit apk files in your phone. I personally used this app. To be honest it is very powerful tool to have. There is a lot of fun stuff you can do with Apk Editor Pro. I first time used it, That time i did not know all of features of this app. If you are developer or not. You are passionate about editing app files. This app going to help you for long time.


Note: This Tutorial is For Education Purpose Only.

apk editor pro apk

About Apk Editor Pro


This App helps you to do many things like string localization, layout re-architectonic, background image replacement and many more. You can play with code. It is completely depend on how you are using it.

You can easily use this tool. So, you don’t need to be afraid if you are not a professional. There is an example help page given.


Apk Editor Pro And Free Version


You will find two version of this Apk Editor App. Apk Editor Pro have some extra features. I will advise you to get the Apk Editor Pro Version.

So, Why you should get Apk Editor Pro Version?

It supports smali code editing, app data editing, app patch feature. And, most cool thing is, it’s ad free.


Download Apk Editor Pro latest Apk Version


You will find latest version of Apk Editor Pro from google play stores and other online sources. The current version of Apk Editor Pro is v1.9.10. They always keep this keep up to date. So, this app is completely bug free and fun to use. You can freely update and modify any apk files in your mobiles phone. You can also do it from the PC. Here, check out, I have shared a tutorial on ” How to install Apk Editor Pro For PC“. It works on  windows 7, 8, 8.1 and windows 10.

download apk editor pro


I shared this tutorial. So, many people loves to edit app from their computer. They feel comfortable and free. I normally prefer using PC. It is depend on peoples what their comfortable with.



Apk Editor Pro Old Version


The cool thing that I love about this app is, It is always getting updated. And, it is always bug free and easy to use. Apk Editor Pro is always being updated to keep this app fresh. Current version of this app is v1.9.10.


Here, some old versions of Apk Editor Pro,

v1.9.8: It is small fix updated.

v1.9.7: This update support “Decode All Files”. So, friend in the last version it was only decode partial files.

v1.9.6: It updated was just about update dialog.

v1.9.5: This update was on components.

v1.9.4: It was minor fix update.

v1.9.3: They pushed this update to fix bugs like font and that.

v1.9.2: This update fix came out for Android 8.1. It add context menu for Apk Editor.

v1.9.1: This version added image downloader.

v1.9.0: This version removed the features.

v1.8.26: It allowed java code support. Yes, you heard it right Java code in the editor. You can make android.jar, sign fix for 4.2 etc.



Some Cool Features Of Apk Editor Pro


As I already told you why I love this app. This app help you to edit any APK files. So, it can edit any Android App in your phone. I am going to share some of my favorite feature blow. You will get all these feature once you install Apk Editor Pro in your Android Phone.


  • Apk Editor Pro helps you to change any file with easy to use patch.
  • As I told you earlier, you can edit any Apk files. Just choose an App that you want to edit. And start editing.
  • It is a great feature of this app. This App allows you to select Apk files from the App itself.
  • Apk Editor Pro has Autorun Manager Feature. It has build in app data option.
  • This app allows you to edit and make changes to any App directly from Apk Editor.
  • Apk Editor Pro can remove any part or files of the app.
  • This App allows you to remove Permission.
  • It also manages the autorun of applications.
  • You can modify the value of a game and apps using Apk Editor Pro.


These are some features that I believe very useful for any professional. I just mentions some of the cool features of Apk Editor Pro.

apk editor pro for pc

But, trust me, there is many more things you can do with this App. Now, you have got some knowledge about the application. You can download this application in your phone or android device and install it. If you are developer then, this app is a gift for you then. Just like, I love this app. It is a life saver to me.



Apk Editor Pro v1.9.10 Apk Full Version Download


Apk Editor Pro You can download it from many online sources. It is available on Play Store. Just go to the play store. Check for your device compatibility. Then, install this app in your phone from the Play store.

There are many online source you may find. But, be careful. I had issue in the past downloading Apk from some websites. They might contain virus. It caused me a lot of trouble. So, I advise you to be careful.


How To Install The Apk Editor Pro Apk In Android Device


You can download the Apk Editor Pro From The above. Now, it is time to install it. It is the same way to install like any other app. If you are not familiar with how to install the Apk file in your phone. I am sharing this in-depth guide for you. You can install any other Apk files in the same way.

apk editor pro free download

First, you have to unlock the unknown source option in your phone. So, where you will find it? Go to your phone setting. Then, enable unknown source option from the settings.

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Then, you will find security option in your phone settings.
  • Now, find the unknown sources option and click on it.
  • Then, enable the option. Here a tip, Setting > Security >  Unknown Soruces.
  • After you enable the unknown soruces. Now, go to the download folder. Look for Apk Editor Pro. Then, click on it to install it.
  • Now, it will show you installation instructions. You can install it now.
  • Click on the install. Now the App will start installing on your Android device.
  • This process might take a few mins or so. That depend on your phone. So, give it time to install it.

So, You can install the Apk Editor Pro in your phone, tab, or Any Android Devices in the same way. I am adding some important point. You might find them useful.


How To Use Apk Editor Pro App To Edit App


It is simple to use the the app. This app is not complicated as you are thinking. I used this app many time. I was scared too when i installed it first time. I am going to share you some exact same tips that helped me. It helped me when i used Apk Editor Pro First time. Here, a video to help you out.

Here, some important point, that helped me while using first time. It might help you also,

You can use this app as a normal app after installing it. Some App require root access. So, if your device is rooted. Then, you will get most of the benefits.


So, What To Do Next?


After Opening the application, you should give it permission to access storage. If it is on Android 5.0 or +.

There are plenty of option available on this app. You can utilize those option in this app to edit. So, pick what is best for you.

So, go open the Apk Editor Pro and pick a way to edit the Apk file. Now, select the way you want to edit the file. Now choose it and save it.


These are some point helped me when I first used it. It really helped me back then. There are many more stuff you will learn about the app once you start using it. So, download the app. And install it in your Android device. Start using the app and explore the app and understand it’s use.


Keep an eye on our page to get notified for future update. If you have face any problem with downloading and installing the app let me know. Feel free to leave your thought about Apk Pro Editor blow.



How I Get Started With Apk Editor Pro


I was very confused when I first install the Apk Editor Pro in my mobile.So, what I did then? I am going to tell exactly what I did back then. There is a help guide within the application. You can access by tapping on help button.

You can edit the apk file from the categories. Yes, it is true. Apk Editor Pro has a apk editing feature according to your needs. You can change the resource value. Yes, you can edit games app with it. You can edit and modify any app in your android phone. It will be a lot easier for your once you start using this app.

You can modify files of an app. This is one of the best tool android app editor. There is no limit of this app. This is a perfect tool to edit any app in your phone. I will recommend any developer who want to edit apk file within the phone.  After editing the apk file you can install it by enabling unknown source. It is best for test out setting and app.



APK Editing Pro Availability For PC, Android, iOS Phone


Yes, You can run APK Editor Pro in your android phone. You can run it on Android 5.0 and above. You might need root access. This allows you to edit most of the part of APK files. It will not ask for any special requirement.

You can install this app on Android Phone. Yes, it is true, you also can run it in Your PC with a Android Emulator like BlueStacks. Just download the Apk Editor Pro and install it in the BlueStacks.

Same goes for iOS Device, You can also run this app in iOS with an Android Emulator for iOS. And, then install the App inside the emulator.

If you have any issue after downloading the app. In case if you are stuck somewhere. If you need advise and help on how to use the Apk Editor Pro. Then, reach to me. I will be happy to help you out.


Final Verdict


Apk Editor Pro is one of my favorite Android App. I love this app because, I love to edit code and play with it. It gives me idea helps me to explore many apps. This app gives you freedom to edit freely.

I always say it is up to the person how he or she use it. You may heard it already, with great power comes great responsibilities. So, use this app properly. Modify and make new apps with this app. Help the community with your ideas. Apk Editor Pro is a perfect tool for you if you want to edit apk files in your android phone. As developer professional it is a best tool for me. Best app to use in my free time while i am hanging with my phone.

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